About Us

Teak-O is a privately owned teak forestry operation centralized on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, supplying high-quality lumber both domestically and internationally.

As an An FSC-Certified Company, our core values and operational procedures ensure that:

  • All laws are repected/complied with.
  • Biological diversity is preserved.
  • Fragile ecosystems are protected and/or enhanced.
  • The forest's overall integrity is maintained.
  • Waste & unnecessary damage to the forest resource is minimized.
  • Employees work under safe conditions.
  • Forest operations can be sustained over time.
  • We encourage harmonius relationships which benefit all social sectors.



Teak-O headquarters is located in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica. For local and international inquiries, contact us by email or phone.


Provincia de Puntarenas